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Working closely with our customers, we increase productivity, health and safety, and increase the efficiency of processes and workflows at every stage of the construction lifecycle, from design to operation. Utilizing modern lean methodologies, we offer:

  • Consulting on the use of innovative technologies and methods of AI in trade and construction
  • Sales of software and hardware products (IoT) and system solutions for the construction sector
  • Contract development to solve specific challenges of customer projects
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enoba makes state-of-the-art technology easily accessible to construction companies. A combination of artificial intelligence (AI) with modern internet-of-things and cloud technologies is fused into easy-to-use solutions focused on the specific needs of the construction industry.

As the first members of the enoba ecosystem, enoba drive and enoba manage work together to improve the efficiency of earth-moving operations. Infused with artificial intelligence, they provide real-time instructions for drivers, generate new insights for managers, and improve information flow.

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enoba drive

  • AI-Enhanced Driver Assistance App

  • Tracking of Individual Vehicles
  • Logging of Shifts and Work Interruptions
  • AI-Supported Driver Instructions
  • Automated Event Notifications
  • Messages from Managers
  • Optional Device Lockdown
screenshots of the enoba driva app

enoba manage

  • Web-Based Management Platform

  • Live Map of Construction Operations
  • Vehicle States and Project History

  • AI Statistics and Predictive Analytics

  • Automated Event Notifications
  • Chat-Based Messaging System
  • Remote Capture of Vehicle Front Camera
screenshots of the enoba manage application


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About Us

We want to become the world's leading experts in digitization and the use of AI in the trade and construction industries. Our vision is to enable all construction projects to optimize the use of resources and to meet budgets, schedules and exceed quality requirements.

We are revolutionizing the performance of the trade and construction industries by applying state of the art technology and developing new business models. Through participation in research projects and our broad network of research institutions, companies and industry associations, we drive innovation in the construction and trade industries. Thereby we always value and prioritize innovation, customer focus and professionalism.

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enoba was founded in 2018 as a spin-off company from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in the context of a project called SmartConstruction funded by EIT Digital.

During the project, enoba acted as a business champion and transfered results from cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) research into market ready prototypes for application inside the construction industry. Ferrovial Agroman, an international construction company with its main offices in Spain, acted as pilot customer, defined the use cases and contributed domain knowledge from the construction industry. The project was supported by three international research institutions - DFKI (Germany), Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Italy) and CI3 (Spain).

The project was successfully finalized in December 2018. Since then enoba is improving existing products and actively developing new ones for different application scenarios. Additionally, enoba is offering high quality consulting services for the construction industry.